The Retail Industry Leaders Association is the home to the country's fastest growing retail and consumer products companies. These companies generate more than $1.5 trillion in annual sales, and generate millions of jobs around the globe. RILA is the industry's advocate in the halls of federal and state government.

As a fast growing company, in a fast growing retail segment, RILA wanted a new website that reflected their new name and direction. They desired an elegant and sophisticated site, but one easily navigated and without distraction. User experience and user interface were of paramount important.

BND Solution

We were contacted by the RILA staff to present our ideas. We were provided the corporate logo and color scheme to incorporate into our design

  1. We provided three design options, including a small element of flash on the home page. The imagery communicates creativity, leadership and Washington representation.
  2. Sponsors, important to the success of various events, were provided front page visibility.
  3. Colors were limited to three, with black and white photos.
  4. From the use of fonts and top navigation to the left side navigation and links, the site was built to be easily navigated, presenting a consistent image and format.
  5. Special emphasis was given to the site content, making it easier to read and locate information. Sentences were shortened. Paragraphs were broken up and made into bulleted items.
  6. Of equal importance several RILA employees were expected to be posting to the website which required an extensive content management.



Within 60 days the completed project was delivered, on time and within budget. It included a full array of administrative tools that RILA staff uses to add or edit content. Since its initial revision our company has been involved in several additions and changes to the site.

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