About Us

We create affordable software that makes life easier for small businesses, their customers, and their employees to be more productive.

Our customers are:

  • Small businesses who need an online presence to market their products and services
  • Employers and employees who need online access to a consistent source of company information, news, and assistance
  • HR staff who need a single online source where they can survey employee opinions, offer the latest company news, present a summary statement of company compensation and benefits, or advertise an online job classified location for new job openings.
  • Customers who need online communications with our client's internal workings and resources.

BND Software is a team of project leaders, designers, and developers. We have been working in these waters for a long time, and have added to our experience and our insights along the way.

We enjoy our clients for two reasons. First, without them, how could we pay our bills? Equally important, though, is that they are a constant source of energy. They willingly throw themselves into the project, contribute ideas, solve problems, answer questions, and guide us to a successful conclusion. They are the reason why we look forward to coming to the office each day.

While in the office, we are kept busy with:

  1. HR Intranets
  2. Customer Extranets
  3. Content Management Software
  4. Employee Benefit Statements
  5. Web Surveys and Polls
  6. Website Design and Development
  7. Custom Software Development

BND Software... Turning Ideas Into Solutions!

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