The American Medical Political Action Committee (AMPAC) is the political fundraising arm of the American Medical Association. There strength comes from the millions of doctor members who actively participate in communications with legislators in Washington and state capitals around the country.

AMPAC required an update to an older, existing website. In particular the site needed to offer more unique information:

  • Videos and press releases that were being distributed to the press organizations.
  • Membership and PAC contribution records, to track when membership was expiring and what they contributed in previous years.
  • Online contribution capabilities
  • Voter registration capabilities
  • Ability to change user names and passwords.
  • Methods for regularly updating the membership records tables
  • Passing XML news feeds from a third party provider to the AMPAC site.

BND Solution

AMPAC contacted BND because of previous application and website development work we had done for the organization. Following two meetings with the AMPAC staff to outline the requirements, the work began on a new design.

  1. Three alternative home page and section pages were designed and delivered to the client. One of the three was selected and revised.
  2. The entire site was created in HTML, and content formatted on the page so the client could see how the finished product would appear. Following revisions we began the development work.
  3. The site was coded in VB.NET and the .NET platform. We used a SQL database to store all of the content.
  4. A robust content management application was developed for the site so staff could manage all content on each of the pages.
  5. We worked with Illumen to develop the necessary scheme to receive their news feeds in XML and present them on the site.
  6. We worked with Vocus to develop the necessary methodology to obtain the latest AMA membership updates so they can be automatically downloaded to our servers and then manipulated to be added to the membership tables.
  7. We worked with Capitol Advantage to add the voter registration feature to the AMPAC site.



Within 45 days the AMPAC has implemented a completely redesigned and redeveloped website with many new features. We continue to provide application development work for the AMPAC, most recently completing an application that tracks electoral campaigns and voting records of candidates, making it easier for AMPAC to make campaign funding decisions.

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