Content Drives Search Engine Rankings
The importance of original content for a fledgling website is vital. Without original and unique content, any site is forgotten about in the search engine results. The work required to maintain a site in the search rankings can be significant. What are you options if you are not a content writer? Some are touched on in this article.

Choosing the Best Domain Name
Choosing a domain name is probably the most important part of establishing your new online business or web site. The domain name provides the first impression of your web site to perspective visitors. That is the reason why all new web site owners must take a few moments to choose a domain name that properly represents their web site, business, or message.

Intranet Benefits: Increased Productivity and ROI
An intranet is a secure database that enables internal employees of a business to share documents, files, calendars, and other important information. Intranets can also be configured to allow access to remote employees, and are useful for sharing information with business partners or clients. The addition of an intranet to your business provides many benefits, including increased productivity and a higher ROI.

Online vs. Traditional Communications
Many businesses are reluctant to develop and deploy a corporate intranet due to concerns about security. Moreover, many business owners do not see the need for an intranet, and feel that their current, paper-based, system works perfectly well. For most businesses, however, intranets can provide even greater security than more traditional forms of communication, and intranets are an easy way to save organizations of all sizes both money and time.

Benefits of Intranet Discussion Forums
Communication is an essential part of running a successful business. In order to become and remain successful, organizations of all sizes must ensure efficiency of communication between employees. Intranet forums, discussion groups, and company bulletin boards can offer businesses the tools they need to allow open, reliable, and secure communication between employees, managers, and human resources.

Intranet Blogs: Increasing Productivity and Community at Work
Intranet blogs offer many benefits to businesses, including improved communication between management and employees, enhanced availability of feedback from employees to their supervisors, and easy access to archived information. Blogs also aid in building a sense of community in an organization, thereby improving employee morale and productivity.

Improve Communications and Customer Relationships
Extranets are very similar to other websites, except that they require the use of user names and passwords in order to access the information. Unlike intranets, extranets are intended for users outside of your organization, and provide a convenient method for sharing critical information with business partners, customers, vendors, and suppliers.

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