Case Studies

TerreStar Networks
TerreStar in an emerging mobile satellite network communications company. Today they are building one of the first fully integrated mobile satellite and terrestrial communications network. Started less than 2 years ago, Terrestar now has more than 200 employees and the numbers continue to grow rapidly.

Wachovia Insurance Services
As one of the country's leading insurance and benefits consulting firms, Wachovia employs more than 1,400 professionals spread out across the country. Delivering timely information to their extensive list of clients can be challenging. For more than 25 years the company has worked with the Girl Scouts of America, helping more than 280 councils with their insurance and risk management needs. This far-flung network of council needs online access to WIS services.

Democracy Data and Communications
Democracy Data and Communications has led the marketplace in Washington, DC with high- powered technology solutions used by public affairs departments for their grassroots, communications, and government affairs activities. The backbone of their service is an extensive database of Federal and State legislators, their address information, committee assignments, and the staff that support them.

American Medical Political Action Commitee
The American Medical Political Action Committee (AMPAC) is the political fundraising arm of the American Medical Association. There strength comes from the millions of doctor members who actively participate in communications with legislators in Washington and state capitals around the country.

Retail Industry Leaders Association
The Retail Industry Leaders Association is the home to the country's fastest growing retail and consumer products companies. These companies generate more than $1.5 trillion in annual sales, and generate millions of jobs around the globe. RILA is the industry's advocate in the halls of federal and state government. They provide industry research and educational forums where industry leaders can come together to address industry-wide problems.

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