Custom Development

BND Software specializes in developing applications. We built them for our company, and we build them for our customers.

Why Customize?

Companies seek a customized application because their needs can not be met fully by existing products. Most software product vendors refuse to customize their products to meet a unique need or customers must wait until a new version is released.


What are the Advantages?

No longer must you change your internal process to fit an off-the-shelf product. With custom development you get precisely what you want. Today, if you combine domestic and foreign development talent, the price of the custom application may be lower than the cost of an OTS application.

How can BND Software Help Me?

  • We will work with your team to create a detailed functional and technical specification.
  • We will create drawings so you can see the draft structure of the application.
  • We will create an HTML mock-up and sample user interface design for the application.
  • We will provide you with online access to the application as we develop it.
  • We will revise the application based on your feedback
  • We will test the application rigorously.

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