What is an Extranet?

Think of an Extranet as a private network, an Intranet that is extended to outside users such as customers, vendors, partners, or suppliers.

How are they used?

Extranets serve many purposes:

  1. Exchange large volumes of data with suppliers.
  2. Share product catalogs with businesses.
  3. Share information of interest to partners.
  4. Collaborate on projects.

What are the advantages?

  1. They help you communicate more effectively with your clients, customers, and partners.
  2. They help you save money by streamlining some business process. Oh, and did we say they help you save money!
  3. They help you reduce bottlenecks and increase productivity. Employees will respond faster, and less work will get delayed or lost.
  4. They help you cut down on the margin of error, and increase the amount of self-service performed by partners.
  5. They reduce the number of meetings and phone calls.

To see an example of an Extranet project we developed, take a look at a project we developed for Wachovia Insurance


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