Please try some of our applications and see for yourself how helpful they can be to your operations. Whether you want an online presence where you can better communicate with your employees, or your customers, or whether you want a site where they can communicate more easily with you, we think that some of these demos can play a role in your company.

  • Employee Planet TM
    This is our newest product, built with small businesses (less than 100 employees) in mind.
  • Wages Plus TM
    Are you finding it difficult communicating to employees all the value you are providing over and above what they get in their paycheck? Well, Wages Plus is for you.
  • Content Management
    We have developed a variety of tools that help our clients edit content on their site. This example illustrates some of those that you may find useful.
  • Web Surveys
    Want to know what your employees think of your benefits, or the culture of the company? One of the fastest and most efficient methods is to post an online survey.

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