Sometimes when we are working with clients they describe a problem that is shared among many clients. The problem may not be expressed quite the same. Still, when you listen carefully, you hear the problem expressed over and over.

Clients were telling us:

  • We need a central place where employees can turn for company information.
  • Our HR staff is swamped. We are deluged with employee questions that could be answered more effectively by a website.
  • Our employees need a better understanding of the company benefits. They don't realize that compensation is more than a salary. We need to better present the total value of their compensation.
  • We don't know what our employees think of our corporate culture, benefits, or management. We need to survey their opinions

The links that you find below are the response to these conversations. We invite you to read more, and try our demos.

Employee PlanetTM
Employee Planet provides employers and employees with one central location where they can access news feeds, benefits, weather, benefit forms, traffic, company information, employee handbook, instant messenger, staff directory, and much more.

Wages PlusTM
Wages Plus provides companies, and their employees, with a comprehensive review of company benefits. Each employee logs into the site and sees a complete description of ALL benefits, including a detailed Compensation Statement:

Employee Benefit Surveys
Unless you ask them, it's hard to know what employees think of their benefits. Our surveys arrive by way of email, with no need for a login (it's embedded in the link they receive). When they arrive, employees can complete the survey in one or multiple visits. Surveys are fully secure and extremely flexible

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