TerreStar in an emerging mobile satellite communications company. Today they are building one of the first fully integrated mobile satellite and terrestrial communications network. Started less than 2 years ago, employee expansion has been on a frenetic pace, nearing 200 today.

Internal communications had been challenging. The small HR department had been overwhelmed with employee requests and questions regarding benefits, forms, and policies. The IT department was swamped building an internal network and didn't have the necessary time to solve the problem. The HR department turned to BND Software for assistance.

BND Solution

Following discussions with the HR staff and a small internal committee, a complete picture of the problem emerged that led to the communication platform needed by the company. The committee emphasized the need for a consistent source for information on benefits as well as company news. Also, employees needed a place where documents could be shared, where meetings could be scheduled, and where they could have IM exchanges solely with other employees.

BND Software created a customized Intranet that it hosts today for Terre Star. The platform contains:

  • Instant Messenger
  • Event Calendar
  • Meeting room scheduler
  • Training

The communications platform includes sections for company news, staff directory, payroll, employee handbook, forms for medical / employment / financial purposes, descriptions of each benefit program, and a library where staff can upload files that can be shared with other employees.

Additionally, a robust set of administrative tools were created to help the HR staff administer the site. Generally, whatever content changes they wish to make can be accomplished through the content management tools.


The project was completed in 60 days, on time and on budget. Today the HR department directs employee requests and questions to their new intranet - TS Planet. TerreStar has told us that the new communications platform has saved them at least 1/2 of a full time employee salary. The Intranet has reduced the number of requests coming into their office and eliminated the need to hire an additional person for the department.

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