As one of the country's leading insurance and benefits consulting firms, Wachovia employs more than 1,400 professionals spread out across the country. Delivering timely information to their extensive list of clients can be challenging. For more than 25 years the company has worked with the Girl Scouts of America, helping more than 280 councils with their insurance and risk management needs. This far-flung network of council needs online access to WIS services.

Because of our previous work building extranets for Wachovia Insurance Services, we were asked to build a similar solution for the Girl Scouts, one that would represent a centralized location for WIS resources.

BND Solution

Following several days of discussions, including speaking with the WIS staff and individual Council staff members, we developed a plan acceptable to everyone. We would build an Extranet that would be access by all employees of Girl Scout Councils. The plan called for:

  • Create a FAQ section, with supporting downloadable PDF documents.
  • Provide capabilities that will expedite a claim, be it automobile, property, general liability, crime, or workers compensation. Use online forms to submit the information directly to the WIS staff rather than fax or mail these forms.
  • Present an in-depth picture of ALL the property and liability insurance coverage, the policy, coverage amounts, deductions and exclusions. Wherever possible, make the language easier to understand with less legalese.
  • Provide Risk Management resources and contact information for all the WIS staff working on the Girl Scout account so when problems arise the appropriate person is contacted.
  • Identify the Risk Controls that the individual councils can put in place that will help them be more proactive towards safety and accident prevention. Whether they are checklists, safety tips, prevention guides, or sample plans, the Girl Scout Councils need downloadable resources to more safely conduct their camps and other activities.
  • Offer downloadable forms that are used on special occasions.


The database-driven Extranet was delivered in 60 days, on time and on budget. Certain sections of the site were available to anyone, and other sections we restricted to Council offices ONLY. The site contained sections on Claims Management, Program Coverage, Risk Management Control and Resources, and a Policy Request Form section.

The site was created so that the WIS staff could manage all of the content, post documents or add new information as necessary. If more questions needed to be added, forms needed to be updated, or policy changes needed to be made, the content management tools were there to make the staff job easier. We continue to host the site.

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