Website Design and Development

How is Website Design different from Website Development?
Think of a website design as the presentation of a site, how it looks, how easy content is to find, and how it appears on the page. Think of website development as the coding that is necessary to have the graphics and content appear on the page. Development is to design what plumbing is to a water faucet. Both are needed to satisfy a user's thirst.



What Makes a Great Website?
The "great" websites have it all. They're easy to search, navigate and to find information. The graphics clearly illustrate the intent of the site. It's interactive, and the content is easy to understand. Likely, each of these sites followed important guidelines:

  1. The effort begins with clear goals, an extensive set of user requirements, and a method for measuring their performance. If it was a re-design, it began with a content inventory, and a clear idea of what required updating.
  2. They have content that is original, timely and engaging.
  3. The designer has a very good understanding of the user's expectation for organization and ease of use.
  4. They spent a great deal of time speaking to users. As a result the formatting and navigation themes are familiar to the user. The users helped the designers understand what the site should do, not how to do it.
  5. The content is clear and well-edited. The content is written with words most familiar to the user.
  6. The sites make extensive use of bullets and headlines, and short paragraphs. Today's site visitor will spend less than 20 seconds on your home page. People want to quickly locate needed information and leave that page
  7. The text uses black font, on a high contrast background.
  8. It is interactive. Visitors are able to interact with the site. Maybe it's a demo, a flash presentation, a user survey or quick poll, a comment on a discussion board, a contribution to a wiki, or some other tool,. Great sites engage you.

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