Web Surveys

Online Surveys are the ONLY Way to Go!! The advantages of online surveys truly are impressive:

  1. Companies can quickly send a link inside an email to a targeted group, and ask for their participation. Printers and mail houses are no longer involved.
  2. The time required to organize and launch a survey initiative can be much less than printed surveys.
  3. The survey is completely browser-based, and access can be controlled by user names and password.
  1. Individuals can complete the survey or stop and return later to where they were previously.
  2. There is no limit to the questions that can be asked, and new questions can be asked based on their answers.
  3. Participants can quickly see how many questions they have answered and how many are left.
  1. Companies can ask questions that require an answer, or make answers optional.
  2. Companies can create questions that have radio buttons, check boxes, simple drop down list, or multi-select drop down lists.
  3. Companies can easily see how the responses are coming in, track results online, or download a file containing all of the response information.

Surveys Increase Employee Satisfaction

Whether the subject is employee benefits, employee attitude, employee opinions, or employee retention, online surveys can quickly measure what employees are thinking, and track their opinions over time.

Customer Surveys Provide Vital Feedback

Happy customers can lead to increased profits. Unhappy customers often lead to reduced profits. It's vitally important to get feedback from your customers

  • To improve customer retention
  • To measure interest in new products or services
  • To identify areas that require improvement

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